Bring The Kids

Posted by yatesyachts on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 11:03 pm

Private yacht charters are a fabulous way to reconnect as a family. Yates Yachts will provide you with a selection of our favorite yachts and crews that specialize in family charters. Your charter yacht includes a treasure chest filled with toys to delight kids of all ages. Let’s play! Test your balance on the standup paddleboard. Your yacht’s tender is powerful enough to pull you on a kneeboard, wakeboard, water-skis or to take you on a thrilling ski tubing ride. Paddle the kayak ashore in search of “gold doubloons and precious jewels” as you solve the mysteries hidden on your treasure map. Catch a fish. Snorkel a reef. Tonight is family movie night before everyone falls into bed, happy and exhausted after a full day of play in the sunshine and warm, inviting water.