About Yates Yachts

A crewed yacht charter vacation is the most relaxing, stress-free vacation you will ever experience. Discover paradise from the deck of your very own private yacht charter. From the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean to exotic ports of call, Yates Yachts offers unparalleled customer service and personalized attention.

At Yates Yachts, we listen to you! Choosing a Charter Broker is as important as the yacht you choose. Matching you to the right yacht and crew is our specialty, whether you are a family, couples, SCUBA divers, honeymooners, celebrating an anniversary, or just need to get away to paradise.

Sherry Yates, owner of Yates Yachts, has extensive experience sailing the Caribbean, New England and other exotic locations. She will hand select the finest yachts to suit your needs and your budget. To make your dream vacation a reality, contact Sherry Yates at 970-355-9238, or submit a request online here.

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Words From Our Clients

  • L. Lively

    double-cods You have a gift for matching people to yachts! And you were always available for questions and explanations. double-codes-second
  • M. Jackson

    double-cods Our charter was smooth from start to finish. Thank you, Sherry! double-codes-second
  • S. Taylor

    double-cods Sherry, you were so helpful in creating this trip and answering what I am sure were a ton of silly questions. We felt totally prepared for the trip. You put us in excellent hands with the perfect crew. double-codes-second
  • R. Stunkel

    double-cods You can’t improve on perfection. Fast, informative and entertaining responses to our emails… I always felt like you honestly took a personal interest in making sure we’d have a wonderful time. As you know, in sales, it’s all about making a connection, and you do that in spades. Thank you! double-codes-second
  • D. Nelson

    double-cods Sherry - You did great from the first time you and I talked on the phone. Appreciate your local knowledge and frank opinion of what would work best for our family. double-codes-second
  • J. Sears

    double-cods As this was our first charter, I appreciated the time you took to ‘steering me’ through the process double-codes-second
  • K. Riches

    double-cods We are in awe at the fantastic service Yates Yachts gave us! Every detail was taken care of, and your cheerful, upbeat personality made preparation so fun! You found the perfect charter for our family, and we look forward to future bookings! We’ve never had a Yacht Broker give us even one-tenth of the service we received from Sherry!double-codes-second
  • B. Borggreve

    double-cods This is one of the best price-to-value vacations and the best vacation we’ve ever experienced.   double-codes-second
  • C. Zecman

    double-cods Congratulation! You did it again almost exactly three years later. Thank you for assisting us in choosing the right charter (the second time!) for the four of us. We would highly recommend Sherry Yates to anyone without hesitation. double-codes-second
  • S. Karlinski

    double-cods Sherry assessed our family and matched us up with the right crew and yacht.   double-codes-second
  • N. Patterson

    double-cods As first time charterers, we really didn’t know what kind of boat we wanted or even what questions to ask. It took Sherry no time at all to assess the situation and be able to match us up with the ideal boat and crew. Her professionalism and attention to detail were invaluable. double-codes-second
  • G. lewis

    double-cods Sherry was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and I could tell, early on, she was willing to help me with every detail, which she did. She even sent her own remedies for my husband's seasickness problem. double-codes-second