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Sherry Yates, your Charter Broker, is a sailor! Sherry has cruised the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean extensively. She knows the territory. Her knowledge of the islands extends far beyond the finest beaches to visit, which reefs to snorkel, favorite SCUBA dives, and where the best nightlife can be found. You won’t find Sherry’s knowledge in any guidebook!

In 1992, Sherry moved aboard her 43-foot C&C sloop and cruised with her husband from the Virgin Islands, through the Leeward and Windward Islands, down to Trinidad, across the Coast of Venezuela, and back again, several times.

During her 10-year “Seabattical”, Sherry started her career as a Charter Broker and has been providing memorable crewed yacht charters for almost 20 years. Sherry inspects the vessels she recommends and interviews the crews. Matching you to the best possible yacht and crew is her specialty. In addition to being an avid sailor and snorkeler, Sherry is also a Certified Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver.

Sherry Yates is a member of the Charter Yacht Broker’s Association International (CYBA, Inc). She was elected to the Board of Directors, is Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and serves as Co-chairman of the Environmental Committee’s “Going Green to Save the Blue” initiative.